Monday, November 30, 2009

November GATT Rate -- Verizon

The all-important GATT Rate for the month of November 2009 will be between 4.31 and 4.33, depending on whether the number is rounded up. Please note that this figure is based on our unofficial calculations, and that you should always rely on information you receive from the benefits center. We are providing this information now because it may be a few weeks until the official number is updated in the benefits center computer system. We feel very confident that the rate used will be either 4.32 or 4.33.

Either way, it represents a small drop from the previous quarter's GATT Rate of 4.37%. This is good news, although you will likely not notice much of a difference from the 4th Quarter 2009 to the 1st Quarter 2010.

For our friends in West Virginia, this rate is especially good news, as it should provide you with the ability to work into early 2010. Please contact Jamie, Carl or Steve at (800) 281-3980 to discuss your personal situation in more depth.